About TLK Fusion

The TLK Fusion purpose is serving the mission of our customers, as well as inspiring transformation in our own people, local communities, and the larger world. We recognize and appreciate the role all of our stakeholders — customers, employees, shareholders, and community — play in our success.
— Est. 2009
Ken Collis, TLK Fusion CEO

Ken Collis, TLK Fusion CEO

TLK Fusion is about pursuing growth—personal, professional, business, celebrity—on whatever paths the individuals, celebrity or organizations associated with us take. TLK Fusion people come from diverse backgrounds, but we all share a passion for marketing, revenue building, and growth.

TLK Fusion's people believe that all investments in marketing and advertising must be held highly accountable. Our collective goal of “Inspiring Growth” means we want to create prosperity for our clients, their customers, and all of TLK Fusion's  employees, business partners, celebrities, and community members.

We’re obsessively focused on building audiences through content strategy, distribution, and marketing technology.  We share common goals of finding purpose in our work, growing our knowledge bases (and ourselves), and surging ahead of the tides of marketing trends.

Much Success,

Ken Collis, CEO