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TLK Fusion - Chakras by Didi

TLK Fusion - Chakras by Didi

Chakras by Didi mission is to educate, inspire, and spread the love of yoga through fashion with women around the world. Most women that we know, love to wear something that makes them feel good, in and out of yoga class. We are confident that Chakras by Didi will do just that. The cuts are carefully designed to suit many body types. You will feel stylish, comfortable, and uplifted

Our Challenge

Chakras by Didi approached TLK Fusion needing help in growing the brands exposure, as well as connect the owner with influential relationships that could help elevate her personal career and her business within the Hollywood and entertainment industry. Not having the right relationships had slowed the growth the brand was looking to achieve.

Our Solution

TLK Fusion brought their collective years of experience and connections to the table in an effort to start making Chakras by Didi's dream a reality. TLK Fusion began scheduling meetings with studios, executive producers, and arranged to have the owner of Chakras by Didi attend the Hollywood Film Awards. This led to a meeting with the executive team of Dick Clark Productions.

Our Results

Through the many meetings and introductions made by TLK Fusion, Didi Wong, the owner of Chakras by Didi has her own health and wellness show in post production on has over 12 million online viewers weekly. In addition to landing her own show. Chakras by Didi is currenly in the midst of exploring integration opportunities for the owner and brand on one of the Dick Clark Productions' platforms including: The American Music Awards, Rockin' New Year's Eve, the Golden Globes, and more.