Glimmer Body Art

TLK Fusion - Glimmer Body Art

TLK Fusion - Glimmer Body Art

Glimmer Body Art is the glitter version of Henna Tattoos. Renowned for it's professional grade products, patented stencil technology, and fashion forward designs. Glimmer Body Art is the leader in the glitter tattoo industry.

Our Challenge

Sold direct to consumers at locations such as Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Santa Monica Pier and more, Glimmer wanted to break  into the Cruise Lines and knew TLK Fusion had  the relationships to make it happen.

Our Solution

With the strong relationship that we have built with the Direct VP of Retail Sales, we were able to call direct to Carnival and schedule a call to discuss the potential of the product. Once we worked through the initial interest, we were able to secure further conversations with brand leadership in order to negotiate placement with Carnival.

The Results

TLK Fusion, because of its strong relationship with Carnival’s VP of Retail, was able  to connect Glimmer with the cruiseline and help sell the product direct. Proudly Glimmer is now sold on over a dozen Carnival Vessels WorldWide.