I am a... CELEBRITY.

Leverage the Power of Your Celebrity Status


People buy the brands they see their favorite celebrities using in movies and TV shows. Consumers are influenced when they see a brand or product they’re familiar with and our services will help your brand take advantage of this valuable truth. TLK Fusion represents some of the biggest names in Hollywood and strategically places a custom approach to each one of them. Are you reaching your fans and capturing additional revenue? If not, we will turn that around. 

Celebrity Licensing and Revenue Generation

With 89% of the top Fortune 100 brands actively incorporating the strategy of celebrity marketing, there is no question about the extraordinarily high level of influence of celebrities in our society. The clothes that they wear one day fly off the shelves the next. When celebrities say they like a certain product, the sales of that product increase by double-digit percentages.

TLK Fusion has become an essential component for introducing our roster of celebrity clients with todays largest revenue generating opportunities. TLK Fusion will help you form partnerships that leverage your individual celebrity star power to a profitable result. 

As leaders in the industry we have worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. We are not Agents, Managers or Publicists. We are a revenue generating machine. We work side by side with the celebrities team to ensure maximum results. 

Celebrities are chosen on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our office today for consideration.